About Our company

FWE is a leading factory automation solution provider in United Arab Empires and support most of Arabic countries, with a great variety of products including Sensors, Controllers, Barriers, Laser, Encoders. Future Way only offers direct sales to customers and free technical support and after service, also providing them with the most suitable and efficient factory automation solutions. We offering sensing and automation solutions to industries. Presently we offer products and solutions to industries in the following range of products: • Photoelectric / Fiber / Laser Sensors. (Datasensor / Omron / Sunx / Keyence / Hanyoung / Optex/ ELCO / Balluff ) • Machine Vision / Color Sensors ( Keyence / Banner/ Datalogic/Optex) • Process Temperature Controller / Recorder. (Hanyoung / Samwontech) • Incremental Encoder, (Siemens / P+F / Baumer / Fraba ) • Inductive / Capacitive / Magnetic Sensors. (Hanyoung / P+F / Balluff ) Isolate barrier / Signal Transmitter ( P+F / Muller )

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Our Business Fields

Factory Automation / Logistics Automation / Process Automation / Packing / Label / Food / Beverage Industry, MHI will continue to develop and search for products and solutions, because we are obliged to ensure and improve customer satisfaction as a leader in the F.A. business. – So now we Decided to take an exclusive Agency in field of sensors products, already base on our customers order we have business by many companies like as DATASENSOR / HANYOUNG AND …..