Non-rigid packaging handling, quality control and track-and-trace applications are being improved by advances in sensor technology.

From stand-up pouches packed in bliss boxes to plastic clam shells shrink-wrapped together, the size, shape and materials used to package a product are becoming increasingly diverse. To accommodate this diversity, packaging automation is becoming more intelligent to support a greater number of SKUs on production lines. With the accelerating pace of packaging automation comes greater need to safeguard packaging equipment.

With years of industry experience and a portfolio of more than 10,000 products, Future Way Electronic Engineering has the knowledge and product depth required to support increased automation and greater diversity in packaging. We are experts in advanced optics, LED, laser, and photoelectric circuits, offering high performance sensors that solve the most challenging packaging applications. We offer the industry’s most complete line of machine safety products, protecting personnel and equipment with the highest level of safety without compromising productivity. Our expanding offering of LED lights and indicators provide years of bright illumination and status indication.