Solutions to Challenging Electronics Assembly Applications

Electronics equipment manufacturers and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies around the world choose products and solutions from Future Way Electronic Engineering to help them reduce expenses, improve processes and increase product quality and output.

We are automation experts offering a broad range of sensors, vision sensors, safety control, LED lights and indicators, and a capacity for rapid customization. Combined with our rich industry and application knowledge, we are able to provide equipment manufacturers and manufacturing service companies with tremendous depth and flexibility to solve the most challenging electronics assembly applications.

Featured Applications

We are experts in automation technologies, offering a comprehensive catalog of more than 10,000 products, including sensors, LED lighting and indicators, pick-to-light systems, machine safety products, wireless I/O, and vision and barcode sensors that drive efficiencies, improve output and system accuracy, and reduce errors and expenses.

Leading material handling OEMs, integrators, and end users around the world turn to Banner every day to collaborate on automation challenges. Several of the top 10 material handling systems providers in the world use Future Way Electronic, along with some of North America’s largest ecommerce fulfillment and retail distribution center businesses.

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