Mobile & Port Equipment

Companies that ship products or materials over land or sea rely on Banner industrial equipment that excels in harsh weather conditions. Whether you are transporting goods by trains, trucks, or ships, we have the technology solutions to increase efficiency, save costs, and improve safety

Improve Operations and Productivity

Drawing on our impressive product portfolio and our highly skilled industry experts, Banner offers a number of products that provide detection, illumination, and indication enhancements for the vehicles you use to transport goods. With all-weather radar sensors and high-visibility tower lights and beacons, you can depend on Banner products to detect heavy mobile equipment and containers, and provide clear visibility, in even the most challenging outdoor conditions, as well as reliably protect the safety of operators and cargo.

The sensors, safety equipment, wireless products, LED lights and indicators we design and develop for port applications are built to withstand and reliably perform in harsh conditions, increase operator efficiency, and improve throughput.


Integrate Your Departments

Start With Future Way Electronic

Every day, in ports all around the world, terminal operators, carriers, stevedores, bulk cargo handlers, and shippers benefit from adding our advanced solutions to their machinery, including radar sensors to prevent equipment collisions and lights to assist crane operators with accurate stacking of dockside containers.We are experts in automation technologies, offering a comprehensive catalog of more than 10,000 products, including sensors, LED lighting and indicators, pick-to-light systems, machine safety products, wireless I/O, and vision & barcode sensors that drive efficiencies, improve output, system accuracy, and reduce errors and expenses.


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