GS8535-EX  1 input 2 output Analog Input Isolated Barrier

Intrinsically Safe Isolator: 2-wire HART transmitter, 3-wire transmitter, current source input isolated barrier(1 input, 2 outputs), provide isolated dc supplies for transmitters which located in hazardous area. Transfer 4~20mA signal(or current source signal) which generated by the transmitter form hazardous area to safe area separately, also allows bi–directional transmission of HART communication signals . The product needs an independent power supply.Input circuit,output circuit and power supply are each galvanically isolated.


  • Product Name : GS8535-EX   Isolated Barrier
  • Number of channels  : 1 input/2 outputs
  • Supply voltage(Ue) :   20~35V DC
  • Input signal :               0~20mA;4~20mA;HART
  • Output signal :            0~20mA;4~20mA;HART;0~5V;1~5V
  • Ex-marking :               [Ex ia Ga]IIC
  • Certification :             ATEX;IECEx;NEPSI;TUV SIL2
  • Field apparatus :       2-wire HART transmitter,3-wire transmitter, current source


Download GS8535-EX Datasheet  PDF

Download GS8535-EX User Manual-6.1  PDF